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First meeting
The first step in charting your financial future is to organize your financial data and assess current and long-term goals and objectives. During this first meeting you can form you impression of us as you potential new asset manager. We can have this meeting in our office in Amstelveen or at your office of residence.

Determining your risk profile
Persist evaluates your current portfolio, cash flow requirements, investment assets, and liabilities to determine the parameters in which financial goals will be achieved. During this process we will use a questionnaire consisting of two parts. This concentrated information gives us the basis to determine your profile that best balances your optimal performance related to the risk.

Investment plan
Finding potential growth opportunities is a major part of our expertise, and because we are fee-based, the advice you get is always objective and in your best interest. Research has shown that an overwhelming determinant of investment performance is the asset allocation decision. We will invest in a broad range of investment alternatives to maximize portfolio return and reduce risk through diversification.

After we have established an investment plan we can draw up the paperwork. With the agreements you authorize us to implement the plan according to our agreements. Your account is held in your name with a depository. Payments from this account can only be made to your bank account , designated by you when opening the account.

Personal Contact
To maintain consistent progress toward the achievement of our client’s financial goals, Persist provides ongoing monitoring and supervision of investment portfolios. As your advisor, we monitor the relative value of the asset classes in your portfolio to make certain they continue to reflect your appropriate risk / reward level based on the Investment Policy Statement.

We value a good and personal contact. You will have your designated advisor, who will be your first contact. Obviously you are at all times welcome in our office in Amstelveen. If possible and desired we can come and visit you.

You will have your own internet access to your accounts. Besides that we will send you on a quarterly basis extensive reports concerning your assets.